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      In 2013 the U.S. delegation, that included representatives of the «Orbital Sciences Corporation» and «Aerojet» corporations, made a working visit to JSC "Kuznetsov". The main discussion topic of this meeting between the American partners and the management of the JSC "Kuznetsov" was the issues of preparation for starting the serial production of the rocket engine NK-33. (On April 22, 2013 the American rocket of middle class «Antares» developed by the «Orbital Sciences Corporation» was successfully launched with upgraded engines NK-33/AJ-26.)

     Prior to the establishment of my own company, I worked as a research engineer at the JSC "Kuznetsov". I had left the JSC "Kuznetsov" and created an innovative company "Propulsion Innovation Group" LLC to implement my scientific interests and inventions. 
     We hope that the development of our company will bring new high-tech jobs to the market.









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