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      The present invention relates to medical devices and is intended for partial or total replacement of a      

heart pumping function.
     There are several known constructions of an artificial heart with an electromechanical drive. They
contain a rotary motion into translation motion converter and their main disadvantage is considerable
      The present invention aims to reduce dimensions, increase efficiency and performance of the
artificial heart. 
      The proposed artificial heart approaches in its shape the shape of its natural prototype which makes
it more convenient for accommodation in a chest cavity


      Three hundred years ago and now, the main driver for the different types of vessels is a Hooke`s

screw. I propose to use in a ship's power plant an alternative to a Hooke`s screw - a hydro jet propulsion
     A hydrojet propulsion system is a direct reaction power system. It combines an engine and a driver.
In such systems the idea of direct conversion of thermal energy is implemented. In the gas-turbine unit
the energy is converted to the work on the movement of a vessel based on the hydrojet principle of
     There are many types of hydrojet propulsion systems that use expanding thermodynamic working
substance. According to the research carried out, the greatest energy losses occur at the initial moment
of the energy interaction between several substances in a hydrojet propulsion system. These losses
account for about 37% of the total energy consumption in the process of providing traction in a cycle.
     The technical solution I propose allows to reduce such losses significantly. This solution has been
recognized as an invention.







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